Ghoul Enjoys a Stroll

“Hey, push me over to her. Yeah – she’s not even paying attention. Look at here, she’s just reading a book. This will be great,” said Ghoul.

There was an audition coming to town for extras in some new age zombie series, and Ghoul, well, he insisted that we try his zombie impersonation on unsuspecting members of the community. This idea flowed well on paper, but in practice, proved life threatening for the guy pushing him around in a wheelchair: me. The enabler of chaos.

“I don’t know, man… that last guy was about to throttle me,” I said.

“Don’t be a wussy. I could’ve taken him and you know it.”

Ghoul shadowboxed the cool autumn air. His combo was slick, and his wrist, detached, flapping about.

“I’m pretty sure he was a Marine, who was obviously enjoying time with his daughters in the park. You know you scared them half to death, right?”

“Kids these days need to toughen up,” he paused with an audible sigh that sounded truly pathetic. “But I am sorry he almost kicked your ass. Come on, you gotta help me out here. I really think I have what it takes to get the gig. Please?”


“Alright, alright. One for the road.”


His excitement was palpable. And that was the reason why I did what I did for Ghoul. I find myself often jealous of his hunger for life. When Ghoul gets an idea into his head, he acts until he is done with it. Maybe I needed to be more focused on instant gratification over long-term stability, thought to myself as hyped my senses to participate in disorderly conduct.

“Yeah man. Let’s do this. Are you ready?”

Ohhh yeah. I’m ready.”

His… his motivation! How radiant his pursuit of excellence was. I couldn’t help myself. I started to run, pushing him towards the woman like a reckless care giver blatantly committing both neglect and abuse.

We gained speed. The wind slapped Ghoul’s musty fedora right off his head. His scalp then flipped over. A fine mist of cranium juices spewed into the air and I am sure some landed in my face and eyes but it didn’t matter for I was alive. Ghoul instilled such fervor to those around him. We were becoming one force striving towards a greater good.

“You give it your all, Ghoul. You show them how it’s done.”

I choked on these words, and the woman, was close.

Ghoul pulled his scarf from his face and his arms flailed, twirling and clawing like a crazed metal music fan. He jerked forward with a soupy growl.


The woman rose her head and paused. Her face was at first bemused, then, an instantaneous contortion of terror slapped her expression into a terrified scowl. She dropped her book with a bellowing mouth-fart of shock. The woman fled off, dropping her book and never returning.

“That was awesome. Best one of the afternoon,” I said


Ghoul careened his neck to look back at me with a joyful look upon his hideous face.

“This means a lot to me… I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.”

“Anything for you, buddy.”

I never stopped running.

© Copyright John Potts Jr 2016 – 2017. All rights reserved.

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